Food Security

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An international initiative to create awareness on the role of aquaculture in food security in poor countries has been launched; the program will bring together a global alliance of development agencies, governments and universities to help low-income food-deficit countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

African Farmers are Desperate for Change

Silence over Ethiopian land grab broken

Africa: Unlocking the Economic Potential of Biotechnology

Ethiopia’s grain market in danger?

Zimbabwe to suffer food shortages ahead of elections

Cameroon suffers huge shortages in essential commodities

Egypt’s conundrum over food security and the Nile’s water

Sweet treats and Sport: It’s all a matter of managing intake

Maputo riots blamed on rising wheat prices in Southern Africa

Ethiopian government reveals another ambitious economic plan

Uganda’s remote drought-affected Karamoja region gets U.S. help

Ethiopian asceticism from India: Could this be the way out?

Ethiopia allocated €15 million by EC

Zimbabwe child food security dips

Worldwide hunger on the rise

Warrantage scheme boosts Niger farm incomes

U.S. - Ghana: The biofuel scam

Zimbabweans: Why they Starve

African Experts Showcase a Major Drive to Double Rice Production in Response to Burgeoning Consumer Demand:

Sudan: 150 000 homes to get FAO seeds

Egypt: African and Arab ministers in meeting to improve agricultural productivity and food security

Africa to focus on agriculture and food security

An Ethiopian revolution and a national green hero

Land grabs in Africa: "The stakes are huge"

Food could become scarce by 2050

US-Senegal: MCC to bring Senegal a step closer to greater food security

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