Chinese Company to build railway lines in Libya

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Flag of Libya
Flag of Libya

Libya and a Chinese company on Sunday signed two agreements for 3.2 billion Libyan dinars (1US$=1.15 Libyan dinars) under which the Chinese company would build two railway lines in the north African country. The implementation and management body of railway line projects in Libya and the Chinese Civil Engineering Company signed the agreements for the building of the Syrte-Muserata-Khoms in the centre of the country and Hicha-Municipalities in the south. The total value of the 352 km Syrte-Muserata-Khoms line is 2.2billion Libyan dinars, excluding signs, markings and communication works. The project which is expected to take four years will comprise 26 stations, 55 bridges and 370 footbridges. The 810 Hicha-Municipalities line would cost one billion Libyan dinars, excluding signs and markings and communication works.
This stretch, which would take three years to be completed, would have five train depots, 40 bridges and 940 footbridges in addition to the supply of 118 cars for passengers, 1,008 for the freight and 22 locomotives.

Libyan officials say the two agreements constitute the laying of the foundation stone for the railway line that will link the Arab world, the Mediterranean and Africa’s sub-Saharan Africa.

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