Club of Sahel supports protection of African market

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Flag of France

African countries have the right to take adequate measures to protect their markets to avoid being marginalised in the world economic exchanges, Charles Goerens, chairman of Club of Sahel and West Africa (CSAO), a Paris-based institution, said on Friday. “At various times, Europe and the United States resort to the protection of their markets. Why are they denying Africa this right?” asked Goerens, who is attached to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
“It is important that African countries consolidate their market in order to have greater influence in international exchanges,” he said. He added that this is what they are doing with sub-regional groupings like the Economic Community of West African States and the West African Monetary Union. “I have always defended the necessity for a policy of good prices for the efforts provided by African farmers. Whatever the case, at the Club of Sahel and West Africa, we are convinced that the partnership should be an instrument of integration of our region to the world economy,” Goerens said.

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