AU urges Colonel Bacar to surrender to Comoros authorities

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Flag of Tanzania
Flag of Tanzania

Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kamilius Membe Monday urged Colonel Mohamed Bacar to lay down arms and surrender to Comoros authorities. “The dialogue is over. Mohamed Bacar must lay down arms and surrender, if not we are going to take him to court for a war crimes trial,” Membe declared. “Ten months of discussions are enough. Mohamed Bacar must now lay down arms,” Membe, who bore a message from the chairman of the African Union (AU) to the Comoros President, Ahmed Sambi, added. While dissenting, Colonel Bocar proclaimed the sovereignty of the Island of Anjouan, an act condemned by the AU. Having arrived Monday morning in Maroni for a short visit, the Tanzanian minister announced a forthcoming meeting with the special envoy of the AU Commission chairperson, Francisco Madeira. Membe highlighted the AU’s will to restore the authority of the Comoros on the Island of Anjouan. The ministers of foreign affairs of Tanzania, Libya, Sudan and Senegal had met on 20 February at the AU headquarters, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s, over the situation in Anjouan and the support to bring to the ruling government in the Comoros. Panapress

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