DR Congo’s Sect leader wants autonomy for Bakongo people

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Flag of Gabon
Flag of Gabon

DR Congo’s parliamentarian Ne Muanda Nsemi, who doubles as the spiritual leader of the Bundu dia Kongo (BDK), a politico-religious movement, Wednesday met the speaker of the nation’s National Assembly, Vital Kamerhe, to discuss the situation in Bas-Congo where sanctuaries of his sect are the subject of public destruction. “We have sought peace. A peace that is not related to the land, but to the wisdom of a whole people”, Nsemi declared, describing as “horrible” the destruction of the BDK sanctuaries in Bas-Congo. In his opening speech in parliamentary, Speaker Kamerhe sent very strong warning signals to Nsemi, who is accused of being behind the revolt by BDK followers which resulted in the death of 100 people in the province of Bas-Congo. Nsemi, accompanied by another parliamentarian (Jean-Claude Vuemba) to the meeting, responded by accusing security forces of carrying out massacres on BDK followers who are agitating for autonomy of the Kongo nation which is made up of Bakongo people in the DR Congo, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, and Gabon.

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