Liberian immigration authorities change policy for foreign residents

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Flag of Liberia
Flag of Liberia

Aliens residing in Liberia are now to register annually with the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalisation, instead of the three- or five-yearly registration required under a previous law, the Deputy Commissioner for Immigration, Archie Williams, said on state radio Wednesday. He also ordered all aliens registered under the previous scheme to promptly regularise their stay in Liberia under the new directives that are meant to “have regular and update information on the activities of foreigners in Liberia.” Apparently to stave off criticisms that the measure goes against the ECOWAS protocol for free movement of citizens of the 15-nation sub-regional bloc, Williams said: “if security is threatened by the free movement of aliens, it is the prerogatives of any member nation to take corrective actions.” Meanwhile, the offices of the immigration bureau were early Wednesday flooded by hundreds of foreigners in a frantic move to comply with the new immigration regulations.

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