DRC reports increase in sexual violence

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Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The number of cases of sexual violence committed against women increased remarkably in the province of Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the first quarter of this year, the Congolese News Agency (ACP) reported on Thursday. According to the head of the provincial division office for women, Mrs Marie Bashizi, 153 cases were recorded in March as against 44 in January. “Sexual violence against women is becoming a real scourge with heavy consequences in Katanga. The age of the victims varies from two years to more than 50 years and the 15 to 20 years age bracket remains the main target,” Mrs Bashizi said. Sexual violence against women has been used during all the wars in the Eastern provinces of DRC (North-Kivu, South-Kivu, Maniema and East).

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