Mozambique cuts power supplies to Zimbabwe

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Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe

Mozambique is to cut power supplies to Zimbabwe by half to 100 megawatts from Friday (9May) due to maintenance work at its power station, an official here said. Ben Rafemoyo, chief executive of the state-owned Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), said the power utility was working on putting on stream a disused generator at its own power station to compensate for the loss of Mozambican electricity. “There will be a reduction of 100MW from Mozambique and they have formally advised us that inflows may go down to as little as 50MW varying with the degree of (maintenance) work they will be doing,” he said. Zimbabwe, which has rationed power for years, only generates 65 percent of its needs internally, and imports the balance from neighbours. But most of the neighbours, including South Africa, have cut off supplies due to shortages in their home markets. Non-payment by ZESA for supplies has also forced some countries to reduce or cut off electricity to Zimbabwe.

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