Government military forces and islamist rebles clash in Mauritania

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Flag of Mauritania
Flag of Mauritania

A group of suspected Islamists Sunday engaged th e Mauritanian army in violent clashes with automatic weapons in the region of Zouerate, in the country’s northern part. The Islamists are reported to be members of the Maghrebine branch of the terrorist organisation, Al Qaeda.The army sent in reinforcements from aboard, some of which left the city of Atar, farther south, for the fighting front. According to the first record of the clashes, several military-men who were wounded were evacuated towards Zouerate. Over the past few days, an alert to terrorist attacks had been given in Mauritania, leading to the deployment of a large military contingent, particularly in Nouakchott, the capital city. Suspected terrorist small groups, from Northern Mali and Algeria with vehicles replete with explosives, are reported to have been intercepted in Mauritania, security sources revealed. Over the past few days, security operatives have arrested about 10 suspects in t he different districts of Nouakchott. Just after the 6 August coup, the Al Qaeda branch in the Maghreb issued threats against Mauritania.

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