Cameroonians and Nigerian arrested for possession of US $100,000

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Flag of Nigeria
Flag of Nigeria

A Nigerian and five Cameroonians were arrested Saturday in Kribi, southern Cameroon, for possession of fake US$ 100,000 and mercury, according to police sources. “The counterfeiters were riding in a Mercedes Benz 190 car and had a Samsonite briefcase containing the counterfeit notes, as well as the mercury which was used to manufacture the money.” “The individuals who came from Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital city, wanted to transact business with a woman in Kribi by offering her the sum of US$ 68.299 (35 million CFA F) for the sum of 20,000,000 CFA F. However, the suspects’ client had travelled and while they were searching for another client they were intercepted by the policemen”. Kribi, a tourist city located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, passes as a paradise for gangsters who are recruited among the gold salesmen, the delivery men of cocaine and Indian hemp, as well as mercury salesmen. Investigations revealed that a couple of weeks earlier, five people, in possession of firearm and “armes blanches” (weapons with blades), were arrested for questioning, while they were trying to rob a bank.

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