Wealth distribution in oil rich Libya “sensitive and complex”, according to Mouammar Kadhafi

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Wealth distribution in oil rich Libya “sensitive and complex”, according to Mouammar Kadhafi

The distribution of wealth directly to Libyan citizens ” is a sensitive and complex issue that calls for technical and administrative handling for its implementation on the ground,” the Libyan leader, Mouammar Kadhafi, said on Monday in Tripoli. He, however, stressed the need for the country’s administrative apparatus to directly put resources in the hands of the people who would organise themselves into structures of their own choice. He was speaking at a meeting with the secretariats of the Libyan General People’s Congress (CGP), the country’s supreme legislative body and the Libyan General People’s Committee, which is the government. The Libyan leader said the experience of direct popular democracy in Libya over the decades leading to the 1 September 1969 revolution had made citizens aware and sensitised.
“If this is the case, why would someone come and take hold of the wealth on their behalf?” the Libyan leader asked. He reaffirmed that the decision to directly distribute revenue accruing from oil resources to the people was not debatable, given that the administrative apparatus which received these revenues to manage them in favour of the people wanted to give them to the citizens. On the commemoration of the 39th anniversary of the 1 September anniversary, he called on Libyans to get prepared to each directly receive their share of oil in come as of the beginning of next year.

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