Zimbabwean Senate and Parliament vote to amend constitution

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Flag of Zimbabwe
Flag of Zimbabwe

The upper house (Senate) of parliment in Zimbabwe, taking a cue from the lower chamber, Thursday voted to amend the constitution to usher in a coalition government in the country. Thursday, the lower house of parliament amended the constitution to create the post of prime minister, to be taken up by the country’s main opposition leader under a power-sharing deal agreed with President Robert Mugabe. The constitution had to be amended to create the posts of prime minister and deputy prime ministers, to be occupied by the opposition, because this is absent in the current supreme law of Zimbabwe. All 72 legislators present in the senate voted in favour of the amendment of the constitution, paving the way for the swearing of the prime minister and two deputies 11 February. Under the power-sharing agreement, the coalition government will be formed 13 February, two days after the swearing in of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as prime minister. President Mugabe is expected to sign the constitution amendment into law in coming days.

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