South Africa: Four racist white students allowed back in school

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Flag of South Africa
Flag of South Africa

A South African University official has said four white students, who are accused of racism, have been allowed back in school to help reconciliation.

The Free State University first black chancellor told BBC that the four accused would not face internal discipline but they will be taken to court.

“As an act of reconciliation, the university will say to the students: You can come back, you can participate and complete your studies,” Mr. John Jansen affirmed.

Helen Zilla, from the opposition, believes the students should be held accountable for their actions, adding that the pardon could cause more harm than good.

The African National Congress (ANC) agreed with her, stating “the decision would harden racial attitudes not only in the university but in the country broadly.”

The four students, who are accused of willfully harming the school’s employees’ dignity.

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