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From Port-au-Prince where I was on Friday, October 15, the words uttered by Jean-Paul Guerlain, aired live on French national television: "I do not know if negroes ever worked much, but anyway ..." stunk to high heavens.

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Guerlain's racist and denialist scent -
And right now in Paris, most first ladies of Africa are buying french products for millions of dollars while Africans toil as taxi drivers in NYC and around the world. Most first ladies of Africa have glued the french woman's hair to her scalp in a bad hair weave because she hates her African hair and most of the Couture houses in Paris really wish those African first ladies would stop buying their clothes. As a former Couture model I heard many sales women asking: Why are they even here? Sad. - Monday 1 November 2010 - 15:54


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