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It is difficult to exactly comprehend the logic in Muammar Gaddafi’s defiant speech on Tuesday Februar 22- his first major speech since unrest began last week. The public address which obviously lacked the insights of a public relations team and the diplomacy of a state-of-the-nation address reflected a leader insolent of both the wider world and the reality of events around him.

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Libya: Gaddafi's national address marks his end -
Well Gaddafi has already taken the extreme steps. What will h do if the unrest continues and the people defy his commands to go home. Moreover, he has himself asked for more trouble by asking his loyalists to come out and crush the anti-Gaddafi protesters. It is an open call for a civil war in the country. The problem with dictators and tyrants is that they think or are under an illusion that they are very popular and people will come out to protect them. It is the beginning of the end. Bakhtiar - Wednesday 23 February 2011 - 12:09


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