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I do not want to write about the Nigerian elections. A million words have been written already . There’s a glut of articles on the many sides to the subject. A few people chose to be objective, ‘some I-never-chop’ writers have as expected gone about writing their praise singing epistles, while a few articles I read actually helped to show that like football referees, journalists and columnists have their own preferences. I don’t do what others do, so this rare piece of work is on a group of people who have suffered pain, agony and death just so these elections hold. The members of The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)

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The Nigerian Youth Service- A Tribute to many ‘Unknown Soldiers' -
You've truely spoken the minds of most of us, the Nigerian youths.I truly pray and hope that the selfishness of our leaders wouldn't hinder them from seeing the truth and MAKING A CHANGE.And to all families who have lost their dear ones,both recently and years back,in incidents similar to this;accept my sincere condolence. ANYA SOCHIMA. STUDENT. - Monday 11 July 2011 - 15:29


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