Will Ghartey-Mould

Whilst Muammar Gaddafi’s eccentric lifestyle has been a subject of constant amazement within political circles, the entertainment industry might view things differently. A music video (below) of the Libyan dictator’s speech, following anti-government protests in the North African country, has become an instant hit on the internet.

Ivory Coast: UN Security Council position averts war

Somalia: Military reinforcements from African nations begin

One month without sex...

Guinea: The long wait for election results

African economy boosted as AfDB rises to challenge

Morocco’s expulsion of Christians abusive?

Oprah Winfrey : The queen of talk remains the queen of stars

killing of Coptic Christians by Muslims on the rise

The obscene act of mistaking Barack Obama for Ossama Bin Laden

Distorting Michelle Obama’s words is tantamount to bigotry

Return of Obelisk of Axum improves Italy - Ethiopia relations

Samir Nasri gets a transfer from Olympique de Marseille to Arsenal

Egyptian Billonnaire to sell Italian stock sale under investigation in the US

Senator Byrd endorses Obama

Madonna’s lawyer announces date for permanent adoption ruling

Obama - Clinton : Joe Andrew switches allegiance

Youtube video of Florida teenage girls attacking another raises concern

Obama - Clinton : Attacking Obama and committing a bigger sin

Obama - Clinton : Hillary’s tax returns, a shady donation and Bill

Zimbabwe’s opposition no more the Opposition

Release of Fitna the Movie met with calm

2010 World Cup: Bafana Bafana civil servants ?

Obama to be endorsed by Bill Richardson

Obama’s rights violated, Ms. Rice says sorry

Obama : the theory of the controversial drum

Bin Laden’s new threat to Europe

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