Will Ghartey-Mould

Whilst Muammar Gaddafi’s eccentric lifestyle has been a subject of constant amazement within political circles, the entertainment industry might view things differently. A music video (below) of the Libyan dictator’s speech, following anti-government protests in the North African country, has become an instant hit on the internet.

Ivory Coast: UN Security Council position averts war

Somalia: Military reinforcements from African nations begin

One month without sex...

Guinea: The long wait for election results

African economy boosted as AfDB rises to challenge

Morocco’s expulsion of Christians abusive?

Conjugal sex for Ugandan prison inmates

Obama - Clinton : the product of negative numbers equal positive

Benzema becomes one of the highest paid footballers in France

Dutch row over Geert Wilders’ anti-islam film

40 people killed in Cameroon clashes

Illegal votes to overtake Obama?

French Soldier’s body found in Sudan.

Major breakthrough in Ebola research

Cameroon: Riots Spread to Yaoundé

Obama: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Riots kill 12 in Douala

Kenya: fears of protests as talks stall...

Zimbabwe: Short profiles of presidential hopefuls

Kenya: A new constitution ahead

ECOWAS - OSI extend cooperation

Thabo Mbeki commended by Poverty Alliance

Tanzania gets a new Prime Minister

Kenya: Rival parties reach agreement

US presidential election - Barack Obama - After Super Tuesday outcomes: an even tighter race

An overview of Mugabe, The British, The US and Supremacy

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