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Libya - United States - International
The international community headed by Washington has considered arming the Libyan opposition to defend themselves against the Indifferent Muammar Gaddafi who continues to utilize violence in his bid to remain at the helm of the country.

Piracy in Somalia and Nigeria cause collapse of financial institutions

Ivory Coast: A Genocide Alert?

Somalia: Battle for control of capital intensifies as rebels join forces

Somalia: Government gradually takes over capital

New AU laws to tackle Al-Qaeda in Africa

Gambia government bids Iran goodbye

Half of Mozambique’s 2009 budget faces a deficit

Moroccan convicted of Madrid bombings vows to appeal

CAR elections after 11 coups d’états in 10 years

Rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army attacked

EU deploys troops to Eastern Chad not DR Congo

DRC crisis: European Union looks the other way

Ethiopian forces and Somali Islamists’ clash sparks protests

DRC President Kabila meets rebel leader Gen. Nkunda

DRC - Rwanda joint forces agreement doomed from start?

Prosecutors outraged by ’genocide’ singer’s sentence

BBC African Footballer of the Year

Ethiopian troops return en masse to southern Somalia

Europe to suffer from shut down of Nigerian gas facility

S. Africa and E. Guinea fight for Nigeria Falcons’ lost title

Mogadishu attacks stall Ethiopian withdrawal

DRC groups plead for redemption as bodies litter streets

Angola and Zimbabwe troops drawn into DRC conflict ?

United Nations names special economic task force

OPEC calls emergency meeting as oil prices slide

Chelsea’s Drogba tells his side of the story

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