Desalegn Sisay

Ethiopia - Kenya
Three Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leaders have been imprisoned for life by the Ethiopian High Court after they were found guilty of carrying out terrorist attacks on innocent Ethiopians.

Ethiopia led Nile treaty gains ground as Burundi joins

Ethiopia: A double standard on land related issues

Ethiopia: No hope for Ethio Telecom employees?

Ethiopia: A new law for horticulture producing and exporting enterprises

Ethiopian economy’s new gold rush

Ethiopia: Kenyan protests could compromise mega electric project?

Ethiopian export industry loses over US $1 billion

Ethiopia: Coffee dealers up in arms confront PM Zenawi

Ethiopian Airlines records profits, orders more planes

Ethiopia: Netherlands-Germany finance new energy policy

Second UN position to go to second Ethiopian Woman

Ethiopia-Amhara census: A question of politics, money and manipulation?

Ethiopia: Microsoft software application soon in Amharic

Ethiopia: Ministry of Health challenges UN report

Ethiopia: MoARD reveals Safety Net Program pitfalls

Ethiopia: Power and cement crunch solutions questioned

After cancelling Ethiopian meeting Bashir denies Darfur crisis

Ethiopian sesame production rakes in massive benefits

Ethiopia - Egypt: A tug of war over the Nile basin

Ethiopian opposition MPs demand balance in defense and development projects

Ethiopian MoH muscles in on the swine flu - A/H1NI

Ethiopian capital’s looming epidemic hindering development

Ethiopia and Omar al-Bashir, henceforth, inseparable

Ethiopian WB country director pledges $35B for Africa

Ethiopia: Ministers condemn Gibe III dam critics as Bank finalizes evaluation

Ethiopia: Financial crisis hit major roads development

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