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Ethiopia - Kenya
Three Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leaders have been imprisoned for life by the Ethiopian High Court after they were found guilty of carrying out terrorist attacks on innocent Ethiopians.

Ethiopia led Nile treaty gains ground as Burundi joins

Ethiopia: A double standard on land related issues

Ethiopia: No hope for Ethio Telecom employees?

Ethiopia: A new law for horticulture producing and exporting enterprises

Ethiopian economy’s new gold rush

Ethiopia: Kenyan protests could compromise mega electric project?

Ethiopia suspends organization for illegal US employees

Ethiopian PM seeks to stop policy requirements from donor countries

Ethiopia: Addis demolishings begin despite lack of compensation funds

Ethiopian PM Zenawi snubs West hails China and India

Ethiopia: Price hikes hit transport and construction sectors after birr devaluation

Ethiopia gets multi-million dollar fund to boost coffee production

Ethiopia introduces its first one birr coin

Ethiopia Insurance Corporation struggling to compensate Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopia: Fear expressed over India’s massive land grabs in Gambela

China to finance Ethiopian rail construction

New Djibouti port is "all about Ethiopia"

Japan reveals military plan in Djibouti to fight Somali pirates

Ethiopia: Eritrean group set to overthrow government

Ethiopian government reveals another ambitious economic plan

Ethiopian Airlines negotiates with Djibouti to restore flights

Ethiopia: Opposition coalition reject Supreme Court decision over election results

Ethiopians to protest "biased" election report

Ethiopia lands Chinese loan approval for mega Gilgel Gibe III hydro-power project

Ethiopia Railway finally gets Chinese funding after Indian delay

Ethiopia rejects U.S. claims as Ambassador assumes office

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