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Nigeria - United States
The top U.S. diplomat to Africa urged Nigerians to demonstrate their ability to hold fair and democratic elections as the country prepares for legislative, presidential and state balloting scheduled for April 2, April 9 and April 16, respectively.

U.S.-Côte d’Ivoire: Gbagbo’s departure is ’not negotiable’

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo, family and cronies banned from travel

U.S. could remove Sudan from terror list

U.S. "not choosing sides" in Sudan’s "make or break" period

Hilary Clinton condemns mass rapes in DRC

Mobile Phone banking and insurance transforming the world

Obama: Al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab attacks in Africa “tragic and ironic”

Angola and United States sign Strategic Partnership Dialogue

Obama administration bridges US-Muslim divide

United States: Country-based scrutiny for air travelers eliminated

No U.S. desire to "Americanize the conflict in Somalia"

Sudan sanctions: "UN Security Council has failed"

An Ethiopian revolution and a national green hero

Madagascar, Guinea, Niger get U.S. economic aid boot

Egypt: US still opposed to Israeli settlements?

Dangerous reporting from Mugabe’s Zanu pf Zimbabwe

US: Descendants of Slaves and Slaveholders dare...

Human rights - A school curricula after Mugabe rule ?


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