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The african pornographic network owes its sad success to Europe (U.K. and France among others). It is a no holds barred industry as it delves into more extreme forms of sexual practices like zoophilia, scatology, uro, etc. An insight into a phenomenal industry.

The African pornographic network owes its sad success to Europe (U.K. and France among others). It is a no holds barred industry as it delves into more extreme forms of sexual practices like zoophilia, scatology, urology, etc. An insight into a phenomenal industry.

Trapped by enticing marriage announcements on internet sites, chat rooms, or even classified sections of certain magazines, a high number of young African girls find themselves caught in a web of pornographic networks in Western countries. Indeed, the bodies of these naïve and helpless young women only become sexual objects, and are forced into some of the most horrid scenes to satisfy the perverse sexual whims of some men. Acting scenes with animals, excrement or faeces, sharp objects, hot candle wax... pay up to 4500 euros per hour. Pushed into the business while still innocent, some of the girls remain reluctant to give it all up for the sake of financial gains. These videos, which show them as the “stars”, have their own special clientele, their distribution agents and a thriving black market.

"Black Bitches"

Summer in the French capital: A few minutes after 11 pm, a Parisian train arrives at its terminus: Marne-la-Vallée, close to disneyland. Exhausted commuters file out of the station after long trips and scatter in the direction of their homes. Among the lot are a group of four women including a social worker who has kept her identity under wraps. They exit the station and place a phone call from the telephone booth just outside the station and in no time two Mercedes cars pull over the curb across the phone booth.

Ten minutes later they arrive at a magnificent uninhabited looking building. A sixty something year old White male and his wife, also White and much younger, welcome the girls. The dim lights at the far end of the house reveals a tennis court. At the poolside of a large swimming pool in the garden area, nine black girls and six well built black men chat away happily. They all move into the building. Introductions are made by the White couple in a spacious hall in their basement which has its walls covered in wine coloured tapestry. To the right is a grand bar displaying bottles of champagne and assorted whiskies accompanied by delicious smoked salmon finger food. A thick mattress is on the floor of the room; it is the same colour as the walls. A cameraman and his two technicians enter the room and start fixing their equipment. The boss claps his hands... a handler accompanied by six german shepherds enters the room, and soon the zoophilia scenes, starring Africans, begin. The film, titled “Black Bitches”, sold out in specialised shops in Europe shortly after its release.


The old guy gargles alcohol in his mouth and spits it into the eyes of the dogs: this technique is said to make the beasts nervous and aggressive during sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, the twelve girls and six men take off their clothes and begin fondling. The handler sexually arouses the dogs until their penises become erect, the girls take over from the handler and start performing oral sex as well as cunnilingus on dogs’ rectums, after which the real sexual act begins. From time to time, one of the muscled African men is ordered to penetrate a girl’s free orifice as the dogs pound away. The financial compensation for this type of sexual intercourse with animals is around 4500 euros per hour for the professional, while the beginner is paid the same amount per day.

Sometimes the cameraman takes close up shots of some scenes, shoots the important scenes, or asks the actors to repeat certain scenes. All this is meant to make good use of the four hours for which they are paid. The woman of the house refreshes the girls’ make up from time to time, changes their clothes, wigs, contact lenses (coloured), and makes sure they look the part in front of the camera. The objective of the wardrobe change is to create an illusion; to make the viewer think that the actor is another person. “About ten different films are sometimes obtained from the four ‘contracted’ hours”, confirms a Parisian sex shop owner. Sometimes the penises of the dogs swell to a point that it is impossible to get them out of the girls’ vaginas. This type of scene is very much sought after, particularly when the two bodies are pulled from all sides to detach the dog’s penis from the vagina. It causes the girls immense pain. During these takes, the coordinator (the sixty something year old man) hurls obscenities at the girls: “suck his fucking balls, bitch”, “get fucked doggy style from my big bad dog”... Towards the end of the shoot, his wife brings in a couple of puppies to suck one of the girl’s breasts. The sadistic purpose of the pain shown by the girl as the puppies suck is purely commercial.

"Seeing is believing"

The woman who accompanied the three girls, thought to be of no importance, is seated only a few metres from the stage, looking on in disbelief. Fighting against the abuse of African women and children in both prostitution and pornography, it took her two years before being trusted enough by the girl who invited her to witness the filming. To get the green light from the producer she had to pretend as a future actor who wanted to see a pornographic film set first hand before getting into the business. What she sees is "dooming, it hurts and breaks" her "heart". To believe it, she "had to see it". But "it took an extraordinary force to sit through the scenes without throwing up or passing out". To hang on, she bit on slices of lemon. It took her quite some time to rid herself of the images she witnessed. But for over four hours, she had to stay put, look on and unsuccessfully try to understand those perverse and atrocious acts. For her, it was “more than the death of a soul”... “it drives a dagger through the heart”, she says.

"The men too"

Women are not the only ones who are seduced by money to sleep with animals. Men do it too. During this same filming, which took place at Marne-la-Vallée, a mare, a cow, and a pony were brought into the same room. The six black men were asked to penetrate the animals from behind. They obeyed without a moment’s hesitation.

Filming ended around three in the morning and stuffed envelopes were dished out to the actors. First to grab her envelope was a girl who was not more than 16 years and who was warned to play well next time or she won’t get the agreed sum, she had to put “more of herself” into it. The next girl got a bonus for her “impeccable performance”. And before leaving, she was booked for the same type of film in the same sixty year old Whiteman’s dutch production, which was to take place in two months. Later, the drivers dropped the girls off in central Paris. One of them was to leave for Holland the next day, another to Switzerland, another to London, whilst the others said they would stay in Paris for business.

"Dejection (Scatology)"

Scatology is also part of this new type of perversion in pornography. It consists of smearing the bodies of the girls in human or animal faeces and feeding them on it. In certain films, whole tables are set with glasses of champagne accompanied by faeces served on plates to be eaten by the African girls. In other films, faeces are spread on toasts or dropped in bowls and served to the girls to eat.

Another new trend in pornographic films with African girls in recent years is the acting of real pain inflicting scenes. In one of the scenes witnessed, an African girl wearing a blond wig gets a large extra strong cellulose tape (scotch tape) torn from her body, and naturally screams in pain. These films are in such high demand that the girls are being asked for more kamikaze roles. Another girl’s ordeal was getting her legs tightly bound with barbed wire, which without a doubt caused her skin to bleed. It is also not unusual to come across scenes where half-smoked cigarrettes are stubbed out on a girl’s skin, while others get their nipples squeezed with metal tongs. Setting pubic hairs ablaze with cigarettes, dripping hot candle wax on nipples or even labium, piercing the girls with needles, etc, are all part of the torturous acts the girls go through.

"Pregnant women sex"

In cases of “extreme dilatation”, which include “fist fucking”, humongous cylinders or dildos are inserted into the female actor’s orifices: champagne bottles, fists (sometimes as many as three) are shoved into sexual organs. Phallic fruits or vegetables, such as, cucumbers, courgette (zucchini), gaint sized aubergines or egg plants, bananas, etc, are all part of the props. Women sometimes carrying pregnancies as old as seven or eight months have also become an object of perverse desire.

These films have titles that focus on national products. After the “Cameroonian gang bang”, which was sold on the international pornographic market, Ivory Coast’s (Côte d’Ivoire) "Mapouka" showed girls doing the mapouka dance and later getting pounded by animals. These films are sold everywhere in “sex supermarkets” as well as “cybersex markets” in European capitals. In Paris, sex shops that deal in such films are mostly concentrated in the Pigalle area, where the Moulin Rouge is located.

A porn shop owner indicated that the sale of zoophilia films were banned under Sarkozy (during his term as French Interior Minister). It is believed that the old french singer actor, Brigette Bardot, also an animal rights activist, played an influential role. The same shop owner said that he was warned by a politician about the ban before it was made public, “this helped me clear my shop beforehand”. He also confirmed that the law has not prevented the production of these films, further confirming that they can still be bought in sex shops in Pigalle, only this time they cost three times more than their original market prices.

Sado Zoophilia pornographic films with Africans have seen a sharp rise in demand. The sex shop manager pointed out that six years ago he was only selling between 10 and 15 of these films per week, but the numbers have sharply risen in recent times. Confirming this, the president of AIDE Federation, Amély-James Koh Bela talks of a "boom in the African zoophilia market”. In an investigation conducted not long ago, she noted that a Parisian sex shop still had at least 12 African zoophilia films showing all sorts of animals on their shelves. “This is a thriving market” she concluded.


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