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Kenyan women discover the secret of sexual pleasure
Gertrude Mungai opens Kenya’s first sex consultancy
Kenya’s first and only sex therapist is making headlines. In a country where eroticism and female libido are still taboo subjects, Gertrude Mungai’s business begs to differ. A place where the art of Kama Sutra, among other things, is taught, the sex therapist’s outfit also displays an audacious collection of sex toys. Gertrude Mungai has just released a DVD titled: “modern sexy woman". Interview.

Gertrude Mungai, wife and mother of two, has witnessed the Kenyan society change; a phenomenon she has actively contributed to. The 35 year old sex therapist’s consultancy in Nairobi,— opened since 2005,— comes at a time when more and more Kenyan women are seeking to find a balance between their daily chores as wives, mothers and career women, and sexual satisfaction. Her newly released DVD "Modern sexy woman" deals with those challenges. : You are a Kenyan sex therapist, why did you chose this profession?
Gertrude Mungai :
According to several friends’ testimonies during a party seven years ago, I realized that most of the women were rarely satisfied by their relationship with men. Many of them consider that marriage is a shape of slavery and think that sex is only for reproduction. In this case, only men would take pleasure in sex. I had to do something to help women. So, I educate them to be good wives, mistresses and businesswomen. It’s just a question of balance. : How did you acquire your knowledge?
Gertrude Mungai :
I was born on the Kenyan coast and was raised in the Swahili culture. There are the oldest women who teach the girls, from their puberty, realities concerning sexuality. The young generations are (therefore) not faced with surprises when they get married. So, I acquired an African traditional knowledge and my marriage is now a real success. I also studied the Kama Sutra art and the secrets of the Middle East. I travelled a lot to meet other sex therapists. : Who consults you?
Gertrude Mungai :
It is especially middle class women who live in Nairobi. But I have already given free lessons in rural regions to develop the customs. The oldest customer was 58 years old! Married women who want to discover sexual pleasure are the most interested in my consultations. I also propose therapies for couples and special lessons for men. : Can you describe your sessions for women?
Gertrude Mungai :
To educate a woman, is to educate an entire nation. My sessions are very diversified. Advices and practices are part of the program. I teach the art of love making by showing how to practice "vaginal gym" or how to move the hips to facilitate penetration. With time, we succeed in having fun whilst trying different Kama Sutra positions. : And for men?
Gertrude Mungai :
I explain to men the feminine genital anatomy and how to stimulate the erogenous zones. I insist on the importance of preliminary sex to help women reach orgasm. I try to explain that a satisfied woman is more affectionate. The results are positive because some women say they have had multiple orgasms. : You also run a shop. What do you sell?
Gertrude Mungai:
Undergarments, massage oil, sex toys and condoms. My DVD, "Modern sexy woman" is the latest novelty. : Are you engaged in the fight against AIDS?
Gertrude Mungai :
In Kenya, especially between married couples, we don’t speak openly about sexuality. Now, this lack of communication is the main cause of infidelity and distribution of HIV. People should use condoms every time. This use does not necessarily mean boring sex! : Doesn’t this profession go against the taboos of the country?
Gertrude Mungai :
It was a real challenge. My friends and my husband encouraged me to make this profession in spite of certain reprobatory glances. I think that old cultures and taboos tend to give up, the African society being in the crossroad between traditions and the realities of the 21st century. More and more women earn more than men and get married mainly for love more than for financial safety. My teaching is possible thanks to all these evolutions. More than 5000 women have come to see me. My DVD was even approved by the government. : For you, who are the best lovers in the world?
Gertrude Mungai :
The Ugandans. They taught me many things.


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