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Tech For Food 2008 will welcome Youba Sokona
Sahara and Sahel Observatory Executive Secretary
Youba Sokona will participate to Tech For Food second edition: technologies to fight against hunger in the world, which will take place in a month at the International Agricultural Show in Paris. He will make us the honour of pronouncing a speech as the Sahel and Sahara’s Observatory executive secretary (OSS), an international organism working in desertification prevention. To promote a sustainable agricultural development in the South, Tech For Food’s second edition will get onto the central contribution of new technologies to natural resources management. Initiated by TV Agri, renowned partners rapidly joined up the symposium, from which the French National Space Centre (CNES), the Foundation for agriculture and the rural world (FARM) and the Research Institute for Development (IRD).

Preventing desertification thanks to satellites and the Internet As they rationalise human and financial resources, new technologies revolutionise natural resources management. For instance, as they can localise livestock and control vegetation evolution, satellites prevent excessive pasture, the first human cause of desertification.

Furthermore, capable of identifying farming areas, satellites also enable to estimate a national water demand to enhance irrigation management. Youba Sokona will introduce the OSS’s activities that uses both spatial technologies and the internet to form a co-ordinated and efficient objectives are to prevent soil degradation and adapt human activities to it. The OSS conduct its projects in collaboration with the IRD and the CIRAD (International Agronomic Research Cooperation Centre for Development) and has always been supported by the CNES both materially and as an institutional bridge.

Technologies to enhance agricultural profits in the South

Agriculture being the first income in developing countries, Tech For Food 2008 will host a working session on virtual agricultural trading platforms which already showed they could raise farmers profits. Experts from the whole world will think on the conception of these platforms: which strategic partnerships? Which information to broadcast? What problems do they meet in the field? The answers to these questions will be returned in the afternoon to all the symposium participants and will account for guidelines to any new project of the kind.

Registration is available online until February 15th

Online Registration and detailed programme: Registration is free and subject to availability. To request high definition photos or an interview of Jean-Paul Hébrard, Tech For Food forum’s initiator, please contact Fréderic Sov.



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