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Charity begins at home, and Africans need to take the first bold steps to deal with problems affecting them instead of depending on the west. Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki’s message was met with a resounding applause at the 6th edition of Africities in Dakar, Senegal.

EU agencies promote Aquaculture to fight against hunger in poor countries.

The weekend of Africans in Europe

KPMG hosts "transacting in Africa" discussion panel

Prices, profits and planning - the teaching of Hayek

African Farmers are Desperate for Change

New Winds of Change Blowing in the Developing World

Royal Wedding article from Al Jazeera’s wedding correspondent

The Global Fund Welcomes U.S. Budget Allocation of US$1.05 billion for 2011

Burqa Ban: Islamophobia verses the Enlightenment

The Last Straw (Part 2)

The Last Straw

Somalia: Rebuilding a stateless country’s piracy-driven economy

Norwegian Crown Couple to visit CWC Ghana Summit

Libya: Uganda offers Muammar Gaddafi refuge

Pro-Gaddafi Africans protest as Coalition forces gain momentum

Watching out for Franco-Nigerian singer, Asa

News Corp. passes MySpace over to Vevo?

MTV prepares Facebook documentary

Amazon previews digital music locker

Of Western hypocrisy, Obdurate tyrants and Changing times

Libya’s oil promises amid Gaddafi defections

MySpace loses 10 million users in one month

Int’l iPad2 launch causes worldwide frenzy

Southern African countries zero in on Gaddafi assets

Responsibility to Protect: A moral case for the U.S and its allies in Libya

BlackBerry launches PlayBook tablet at $499

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