Clinton wins but Obama stays on top

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Senator Clinton it seems has the winning edge in both Ohio and Texas, as well as Rhode island whereas Senator Obama won in Vermont. And though this win is symbolic psychologically for Mrs. Clinton, Barack Obama says “We know this — no matter what happens tonight, we have nearly the same delegate lead we had this morning and we are on the way to winning this nomination…”

His unprecedented lopsided winning streak continued when Obama won the Vermont primaries, his 12th. Mrs. Clinton however made a comeback with a 58 per cent advantage in Ohio against 40 per cent for Mr. Obama.

Texas though with its 193 delegates is a complex story. 126 of the overall delegates are awarded in the primary election and the remaining 67 delegates are handed out in a post primary election. So in such a close election, it is very possible that the loser emerges winner if his caucaus support is stronger. After 99 per cent of votes were counted, Clinton led with a 51 per cent support to Obama’s 47. With votes still being counted, it is unclear if definite results could be announced anytime soon.

Although Mr. Obama’s performance in Ohio fell below Mrs. Clinton’s win by far, it is still an impressive performance in a Clinton stronghold. Mr. Obama still ramains in the lead in the democratic primaries with about eighty delegates. Math will indeed make it difficult for Clinton to overcome Obama’s lead.

The battle has not yet ended, Mrs. Clinton who earlier on had a strong superdelegate support, one that could have banked her a win should the primaries be decided at the August convention in Denver, seems to be losing ground as they switch sides. This means she needs to blitz her way though the remaining states, a thing that might prove tough considering Obama’s growing support.

While some say that Hillary Clinton received a boost from cross-over vote in Texas, — that is republican votes, — because she stands a better chance of being beaten by John McCain, the republican candidate, the Pennsylvania primaries scheduled for April 22 is yet to show who has done his homework convincing Americans of their presidential worthiness.

Obama running for the White House  The senator of Illinois is currently running for the White House but first of all he has to win the Primaries
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