Obama running for the White House
The senator of Illinois is currently running for the White House but first of all he has to win the Primaries

Eric Holder to become first Black U.S. Attorney General

Obama - Clinton, a long overdue union?

Obama and G20 summit : Only one president at a time

Barack and Michelle Obama go to the White House

Mixed greetings and feelings and the Obama win

The morning after King’s Dream : Henceforth, White House no more for whites only

Obama win : Kenya declares national holiday

An incontestable win for Barack Obama

Exit Polls and Early Projections indicate Obama win

Exit polls favoring Obama, McCain in close pursuit

Obama wins first votes : Big celebration awaits historical elections around the world

Economy : The determining factor of US November 4 polls

Obama’s double digit lead : "Civil War"ahead for GOP ?

Obama’s strong showing in early voting reflects party’s success

McCain hopes for a Harry-Truman-Win against Obama

McCain claims polls in favour of Obama incorrect

Landslide victory for Obama

Colin Powell : A position in Obama government

Southern Whites and Obama, the changing face of American politics

Republican Nevada backs Obama

Obama-McCain : Economy changes game plan

Obama on McCain and old age issue

Obama and Clinton to meet as McCain moves into poll lead

Obama - McCain trade verbal punches over swing votes

Obama defines McCain in clear terms

Who wants to kill Barack Obama?

Hillary Clinton brings house to tears as she calls supporters to back Barack Obama

Michelle Obama sets a very high bar for Cindy McCain

Bourse boss chided for raising almost US $1m illegally in Obama’s name

Tension mounts as McCain closes in on Obama

Shock over New Yorker cartoon depicting Obama as a Muslim and Michelle Obama as a terrorist

Jesse Jackson’s mic gaffe delivers a gift to Barack Obama ?

Is Obama’s background still an issue in the US presidential race ?

Obama - McCain : Fighting for New York’s natural resource

Obama’s health plan tackles disparity : Scrapping risk-based pricing

Obama : A tougher clearer Iran and Iraq plan

Barrack Obama : A role model or simply an empty symbol

McCain’s plan to woo Obama supporters backfires

Obama and Clinton unite in Unity in co-ordinated clothes

Obama - McCain : Obama scores points on free trade and globalisation

Obama - McCain : Black controversy deals a blow to ailing McCain campaign

Obama’s smart move reveals systemic loophole

Obama and McCain fight over campaign funding

Obama just black or simply an exceptional politician

Barack Obama’s winning internet strategy

Obama gets a blow from top VP search staffer

Obama reveals McCain’s dangerous economic plan

Obama and the Swing States’ pocket book.

Mrs Clinton endorses Obama, adopts his slogan and bids for VP

Barack Obama - Brian Schweitzer alliance to seduce Mountain West

Celebrating Obama’s victory with his grandmother in Kenya

Clinton to concede to Obama but is the end near ?

A joint Obama - Clinton ticket in the offing

Obama - Clinton presidential bid : What now ?

Clinton suddenly becomes nice to Obama : But is it the end yet ?

Hillary Clinton’s donors switch allegiance to Barack Obama

McCain criticises Obama in front of Israeli committee over Iran

Obama loses but closes gap - Clinton remains unconvincing

Michelle and Barack Obama resign from their church

Obama - Clinton : DNC’s fair deal for Florida and Michigan

Obama - Clinton : Settling the Michigan and Florida math

Obama - Clinton : Hillary proves her divisive political prowess

Barack Obama to visit Iraq ?

Obama or McCain, who is ahead in hispanic support ?

The obscene act of mistaking Barack Obama for Ossama Bin Laden

Obama - McCain : Turn on lobbyist nightmare on the campaign trail

Distorting Michelle Obama’s words is tantamount to bigotry

Obama - McCain campaign and Israel

Obama and McCain at loggerheads on big issues

Hillary Clinton regrets her determined hope

Obama seduces Jewish and Cuban communities in Florida

McCain’s pastor’s Catholic insult and Hitler remarks

Obama out to charm Florida and Clinton supporters

Obama Clinton and McCain battle it out for Florida

Racist monkey caricature of Barack Obama sends emotions flying

Kentucky and Oregon reinforce Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s arguments

Hillary Clinton’s fight continues unabated

Why Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are being nice to each other

Senator Byrd endorses Obama

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton get advice from British foreign secretary

Hillary Clinton strongly backs Barack Obama against Bush

Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, likely first ladies

Bush - McCain versus Barack Obama on Middle East

John Edwards brings blue collar voters to Barack Obama

Hilary Clinton’s promise to the Democratic party

Obama begins presidential campaign against McCain

John McCain and his incredible green plan

Western Virginia : A hostile country for "Black" Obama

The possibility of an Obama - Clinton unity ticket looms

Hillary Clinton under intense media fire for playing the race card

Obama gains wind beneath his wings

Obama - Clinton : Losing money, time and lots of superdelegates

Obama - Clinton : Fuel price demagoguery deals heavy blow to Hillary

Obama - Clinton : Obama’s pains albeit Hillary’s untrustworthy ratings

Obama - Clinton : Hillary, a ticket to a democratic loss

MEND - Nigeria militant group heeds to cease fire call from Obama

Obama and Clinton tackle two primary states’ opposing economies

Obama - Clinton : Rev. Wright denounced by Black leaders

Obama - Clinton : Joe Andrew switches allegiance

Obama - Clinton : Hillary zooms in to take advantage of Wright issue

Obama - Clinton : Obama loses his cool and denounces Wright

Obama - Clinton : Howard Dean declares campaign deadline

Hillary Clinton to obliterate Iran or Barack Obama ?

Obama - Clinton : Obama’s loss still a win and a threat to McCain

Why Obama must represent the democrats

McCain’s honesty questioned

Obama stands to gain from Howard Dean call

Obama charm seduces top McCain adviser

Obama - Clinton debate : Mrs. Clinton gains moderators’ alliance

Obama - Clinton : Management drill with Bill, Penn, Doyle and an 8.5m debt

Obama - Clinton : Attacking Obama and committing a bigger sin

Obama - Clinton : Clinton’s confusion and indecision

Obama - Clinton : Hillary’s tax returns, a shady donation and Bill

Obama - Clinton deliver Dr. King speeches, McCain apologises

Obama - Clinton campaign : Clinton’s tax returns reveal she is much richer

Obama - Clinton : Clinton’s ’janus’ aide causes confusion

Obama’s fundraiser, the Pelosi Club and Clinton’s concern

Obama - Clinton - McCain : Pope to interfer in US politics...

Obama - Clinton : Clinton’s ’conspiracy’ Scaife awed

Obama reveals Clinton’s economic history

Obama gets another ally

Obama to be endorsed by Bill Richardson

Obama’s rights violated, Ms. Rice says sorry

Obama : the theory of the controversial drum

Obama - Clinton : the product of negative numbers equal positive

Who’s whose running mate… Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama

Wyoming Democratic caucus for Obama

Illegal votes to overtake Obama?

Obama, Clinton working the math

Clinton wins but Obama stays on top

Obama: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Michelle Obama : The Black Jacky Kennedy ?

Obama’s thin lead

US presidential election - Barack Obama - After Super Tuesday outcomes: an even tighter race

Super Tuesday : Barack Obama’s judgement day

Barack Obama – The one who could be the first black President of the USA

Oprah Winfrey backs Barack Obama


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