Obama – Clinton duel against Al Gore’s rose

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What right did Mr. Clinton have to suggest that Barack Obama takes the second place position of Vice Pesident? Why put Mrs. Clinton on top? Was this to send a message to Obama indicating Hillary’s intention to go all the way to the convention and even go down in a floor fight just to get the job?

Mr. Clinton left no room for the slightest negotiation. Now, if we think Mr. Clinton’s suggestion of a joint ticket was rather an imposition, Mrs. Clinton’s would be considered an order. Her declaration was distinctly categorical when she said on CBS “That may be where this is headed, but of course we have to decide who is on the top of ticket. I think the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me”.

Ohio’s win was clear but could that of Texas be considered a clear win? Clinton and Obama are virtually tied in total Texas delegates — an unofficial 108 for Obama and 107 for Clinton.

Mr. Obama took sometime to give an answer. And his answer was in line with what both Mr. John Kerry and Tom Daschle had said and bit more polite; “With all due respect: I have won twice as many states as Senator Clinton; I have won more of the popular vote than Senator Clinton; I have more delegates than Senator Clinton,” Obama said. “So I don’t know how someone in 2nd place is offering the vice presidency to the person in first place.”

Political analysts believe this move by the Clintons to offer a VP position to Obama would send a strong message to Americans revealing Hillary as presidential material against Obama. Mr. Obama’s answer to that theory was also tackled in his Mississippi speech: “This kind of gamesmanship” Obama said, “is exactly the kind of doublespeak, doubletalk, that Washington is very good at, that people who spend a lot of time in Washington have a lot of experience at. But it’s not going to solve the problems of the country.”

By double talk, he was also refering to the Clinton campaign that had spent so much money in discrediting Obama’s intergrity as a better judge on the Iraq war issue.

During Bill Clinton’s campaign in the 90’s, according to Obama, Bill insisted on having a VP who could replace him in his absence as commander in chief. Exactly the same position The Clinton’s said Obama was incapable of occupying, contradicting their call for him to run on the same ticket. “I don’t understand,” Obama said. “If I’m not ready how come you think I’d be such a great VP?”. “I am not running for vice president, i am running for president” he continued.

Al Gore opted for a bachelor style selection of a running mate during his presidential campaign. “…I wish I could have three running mates, but it’s just not constitutionally viable,” he held up a long-stemmed rose in a skit selecting Joe Lieberman against John Kerry and John Edwards.

Al Gore’s bachelor style selection of a running mate, though, seems light years away.” As Obama and Clinton duel on.

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