Politicians branded ‘gay’ by pastor

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The Zanu-PF election campaign sank to unprecedented levels of moral depravity yesterday when a party aligned pastor suggested that MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, was a partner in a long-distance homosexual relationship not only with both former British Premier, Tony Blair, but also with his successor, Gordon Brown.

from our correspondent in Harare

Destiny of Africa Network founder and Zanu-PF apologist, controversial Reverend Obadiah Msindo, Tuesday said Zimbabweans must not vote for Tsvangirai because he is homo-sexual.

Msindo faces five counts of raping his teenage maid. “Tsvangirai is a sexual partner to Blair and Brown. They occasionally summon him to London to make love to him,”

Msindo told scores of shell-shocked Zanu-PF supporters lured by him to Zanu-PF headquarters in Harare with promises of sponsorship to start income generating projects.

Party stalwarts long used to Robert Mugabe’s abusive language were totally unprepared for Msindo obnoxious turn of phrase.

The majority departed in shameful disappointment after the controversial pastor treated them to an earful of lurid abuse of Mugabe’s political opponents and nothing by way of the promised resources.

“Tsvangirai is Blair and Brown’s girlfriend,” frothed Msindo, a close ally of
Mugabe, speaking in the vernacular Shona language.

“How often does he frequent Great Britain to be spoilt by Blair and Brown? Tsvangirai flies to London every now and then to offer himself to Brown and Blair and other homosexuals within the British Labour government. That’s why you see him growing so fat.”

Mugabe has labelled the British Labour government as “gay gangsters”, citing its perceived tolerance of homosexuality.

Msindo said Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono deserves more praise than former cabinet ministers Dr Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa as he continues to source huge consignments of imported farm machinery to distribute to newly settled farmers.

The implements, sourced and distributed amid widespread allegations of
corruption, have been allocated freely, mostly among card-carrying members of the ruling Zanu-PF supporters party.

“What did Makoni and Dabengwa do when they were in Mugabe’s cabinet?” Msindo asked rhetorically. “Gono has done a lot to surpass their achievements.”

Dr Makoni recently broke ranks with Zanu-PF to launch a campaign as independent presidential candidate, citing the 84-year old Mugabe’s refusal to relinquish power at a time when Zimbabwe is literally burning.

Dr Makoni said he commanded the support of a number of as yet unnamed top Zanu-PF officials.

Dabengwa is the only one who has so far publicly declared his allegiance to Makoni.

“Makoni and Dabengwa are who they are today because of Mugabe’s generosity,” Msindo fumed.

Msindo claimed that Dabengwa has amassed a lot of wealth because of Mugabe.

The controversial clergyman, who faces five counts of rape of his former maid, said he was pained by the amount of demonisation of Mugabe.

“I pray that Mugabe remains in office until he dies,” Msindo said.

“God has failed to find a good reason to take his life despite the wishes of those who have been praying for his death. The Almighty appreciates the good work that he is doing for his people through black empowerment.”

His audience looked surprised.

Movement for Democratic Change spokesman, Nelson Chamisa, said it was sad that a person who purports to be a man of God could make such vitriolic utterances.

“Msindo needs forgiveness,” Chamisa said, “It is saddening that one of your own can suddenly go mad and make such despicable statements.”

The controversial church leader was reported in the press a few months ago as having drawn up plans to allocate over 100 000 housing stands around the country to registered voters who hold Zanu-PF membership cards.

Msindo has been accused of allegedly swindling desperate home seekers of their hard-earned cash after falsely promising them housing stands.

Msindo has become a larger than life character in clerical circles. He has had to live with the shame and embarrassment of facing five counts of alleged rape on his former maid in 2004. He is alleged to have infected her with the HIV virus.

Mugabe has shown open disdain for church leaders who are critical of his
violation of the human rights of his people.

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