Obama to be endorsed by Bill Richardson

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Former democratic hopeful Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico who dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination on January 10, is expected to endorse Senator Obama in Portland, Oregon.

Governor Richardson who served as energy secretary and ambassador to the United Nations under Bill Clinton has solicited approaches for endorsement by both the Clinton and Obama campaign said Mrs. Clinton is a “distinguished leader with vast experience” however, Obama “will be a historic and great president, who can bring us the change we so desperately need”

In a statement quoted by the Associated Press, Mr. Richardson said, “I believe he is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime leader that can bring our nation together and restore America’s moral leadership in the world”

CNN’s Candy Crowley said “This is an endorsement that may help with the Latino voting bloc around the edges, but if that were Richardson’s target he would have done this before the New Mexico and Texas contests, both of which Obama narrowly lost, largely due to the Latino vote … So this is a larger message to superdelegates, those elected officials and party officials who in the end may well decide who the nominee will be.”

In a BBC report, Mr. Bill Richardson is said to have indicated his preference for an Obama endorsement, disclosing a help he received from the Illinois senator during a televised debate. Mr. Richrdson had lost concentration during the debate prompting Mr. Obama to whisper the subject under discussion, thus helping him to get back on track without revealing his confusion.

Governor Bill Richardson is also expected to speak on Obama’s recent speech on race in America, saying he “understands clearly that only by bringing people together, only by bridging our differences can we all succeed together as Americans.”

Obama running for the White House  The senator of Illinois is currently running for the White House but first of all he has to win the Primaries
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