Church of Scientology buys castle in Jo’burg

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The Church of Scientology has acquired the famous Johannesburg landmark, the Kyalami Castle, to be the home of its new advanced spiritual retreat.

This marks a significant step for the Scientologists who until now had to travel all the way to the US, Australia or England for their higher spiritual progress, said Paul Sondergaard, National Director of the Church’s Public Affairs Office .

“For all African Scientologists, this is a dream finally come true,” Sondergaard said, adding “It means a lot for the future expansion of the Church in Africa . ”

The 64,000-square-foot castle on 22 acres of land will be providing religious services to followers throughout the continent. It is the latest acquisition of the 66 buildings the Church has purchased internationally over the past five years to accommodate the Church’s expansion.

Sondergaard said “The Kyalami Castle is the best yet and a fitting tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Church in Southern Africa.” Panapress.

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