Comoros: Anjouan under loyalist control

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The executive assistant of the Comoros president in charge of defence, Mohamed Bacar Dossar, declared on Tuesday in Moroni that the army had the situation under control in almost the whole island of Anjouan.

Speaking in an interview with panapress, he expressed satisfaction with the military operation dubbed “Democracy in the Comoros” which began early in the morning to e vict Mohamed Bacar who had proclaimed the sovereignty of the island where he too k power.

Mr Dossar said the operation backed by a contingent of the African Union “is still unfolding without the slightest material or human damage”.

He said the takeover of Mutsamudu, the capital of the island of Anjouan, went off “without major obstacles even though there was a weak resistance at the port which quickly fell under the control of the loyalists”.

He announced that the troops of the Comoros and the AU were moving towards the interior of the island after taking control of the city of Domoni where the jubilant population took to the streets to greet the liberating army.

Mr Dossa also affirmed that the airport of Ouani had totally fallen under the control of loyalist soldiers.

Several sources said that Anjouanese Radio and Television (RTA) had stopped broadcasting.

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