Obama – Clinton : ‘Misspeak’, worst thriller of the year

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This is the harrowing story of a strong and yet vulnerable woman who finds herself in a life threatening environment with her only child after a “cock-screw” plane “landing” in war torn Bosnia. Absolutely no time for “tea” on the “tarmac”. Survival was of the essence. “We basically were told to run to our cars and that’s what happened”.

A credible footage to accompany the brave description of events would fill adrenaline junkies to the brim. It would show Hillary clutching her young child and dashing for shelter while dodging sniper fire.

To make the story solid it had to involve gunfire. And surviving gunfire would make for a great hero. And a hero, naturally, is loved. This reminds me of Jim Carey’s trouble with bad people in the copa cabana club in the “mask” before saying, “you love me, you really really love me”.

However, to the disappointment of adrenaline hounds like me, a boring footage shows its “uninvited” self, dashing all hopes of seeing Mrs. Clinton taking to her heels !

Hillary’s version of the story has been told many times. More times than should a person who deliberately tells an “untruth”. A perfect depiction of the witty remark from George Costanza from Seinfeld fame: “It’s not a lie if you believe it”.

Senator Clinton claims to have “misspoken” because she was sleep-deprived. To believe that claim, one would also have to believe that Hillary is “sleep-deprived” almost every time she gives a speech on her foreign policy experience. Why? Simply because that story has been repeated time and over again, in reference to her experience, in various campaign speeches.

The sheer violence of dodging gunfire makes for such unforgettable memory that, claiming tiredness for such long and dexterous accounts of a “nonexperience” casts a shadow of doubt on all but her delusions of grandeur. Hillary’s “snipergate” is only comparable to Hyacinth Bucket’s (pronounced “Bouquet”) megalomaniac attacks. Only this time it is not half as funny. The credibility of a superpower is at stake.

So after so many false accounts of the bogus incident, why can Hillary not simply own up? Particularly when almost everyone she told the story to has or is bound to find the truth about the “ungospel” “untruth”, anyway? Why use “misspeak” when the word should be “lie”? Mrs. Clinton is pricking old wounds from “lewinskygate” while telling the world that “it is not a lie” as long as the Clintons “believe” it.

More about the word “misspeak” on BBC

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