Comoros reconstruction pledged by AU

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Flag of Comoros
Flag of Comoros

Following the defeat of Colonel Mohamed Bacar’s illegal regime in the Island of Anjouan during the week, the African Union (AU) is looking into ways of assisting the Union Government of the Comoros archipelago, to consolidate national peace and stability, according to a statement from the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the AU.

“The council will meet soon to consider the modalities, according to which the AU will continue to lend support to the efforts of the authorities of the union and those of the autonomous islands, in order to consolidate peace and stability in the Comoros and facilitate the search for an adequate solution to the institutional problems of the new Comorian entity,” the PSC said.

Meanwhile, the council has expressed satisfaction that the Comorian forces, backed by Tanzania, Sudan and Libya, have succeeded in restoring the authority of the Union of the Comoros in the Island of Anjouan.

At the conclusion of its 117th meeting late Friday, the PSC expressed “the gratitude of the AU to the governments of Tanzania, Sudan and Libya for their logistical support and the troops provided, in response to the appeal for assistance made by the Comorian Government.”

Council also thanked Senegal for its contribution in the planning of the military operation in the Island of Anjouan.

Bacar’s regime was forcefully brought to its knees after he constantly rejected all the proposals suggested by the AU as a way out of the constitutional crisis.

Noting the opening of a new phase in the Indian Ocean archipelago, the PSC reaffirmed the AU would continue its support to the government and the people of the Comoros in their efforts to promote peace, stability and reconciliation, including the organisation of new elections in Anjouan.

Council welcomed the commitment made by the Comorian government to organise the polls as soon as possible, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and other relevant texts governing the modus operandi of the Union of the Comoros.

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