‘Fitna’ faces international criticism

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The World Islamic Call Society (WICA) and the Libyan Islamic People’s Command Monday condemned the attack against Islam by a Right Dutch MP through the production of the film “Fitna”, in which he attacked the teachings of the Islamic religion.

In a statement, the WICA called on the Dutch government and all European institutions to implement the laws criminalising the attack against religious and other beliefs and discrimination on the basis of religion, race, colour or culture.

The association said the film consolidated “a European racist move that got used to voluntary attacks (against) Islam and the Muslims, which caused a split in the Islamic-Europenan relations and negatively impacted on the cultural contact between the Islamic countries and the West”.

The society further warned against practices carried out in the name of freedom of expression.

In its own statement, the Islamic People’s Command, which groups dozens of offices, institutions and political parties from all continents, said such racist tendencies would not serve the cooperation between Islam and Europe.

“These practices will not help build the world peace and the culture of dialogue and cooperation to which we are working,” the statement said.

The organisation urged the Dutch government to implement the national and international laws banning attacks against religions and their symbols “to ensure that the freedom of expression is not a means to break sacred values and symbols of other nations and peoples”.

The Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, has posted on the Internet the film “Fitna”, regarded as blasphemous to Islam.

The action has sparked a general outcry among Arab, Islamic and even Western organisations and peoples.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has also strongly condemned the action.

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