The historical city of Fes celebrates its 1200 years

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Founded in the year 808 by Idriss II, Fes, which has stood the test of centuries, battling with the continuous torrential stream of events which define the outlines its history today, celebrates its 1200th anniversary.

One of the contributing factors to the moroccan government’s decision to hold this event — which involves the combined work of hired specialists and is estimated at 350 million dirham – is its aim to use it as a platform to forge a closer relationship among moroccans both home and abroad.

A high level of participation from the international community is also expected.

The festivities will kick off at the Bab Boujloud square in Fes, where a large number of both national and foreign guests have been invited.

The venue will also play host to a grand musical show scheduled for april 5th to mark the pompous beginning of the historical event.

Other cultural, academic and artistic events earmarked to take place this year under the same umbrella will be held in all the regions of the kingdom, including the three imperial cities; Marrakesh, Meknès and Rabat.

Themes adopted for the festivities are; “Islam of spirituality and tolerance ” and “Crossroads of learned sciences and popular know-how”.

Moroccan organisers of the 1200th anniversary of Fes, hope to impose a high level of respect and consideration among cities in the Arab world.

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