If only London could become the French capital

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The “official” reason behind French President, Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit last week to the banks of the Thames river was to rekindle Franco-British relations.

by Romaric Atchourou, Director of Radio DiasFM in London

Even though a number of political analysts witnessed the birth of an idyllic diplomacy between Paris and London, it is only fair to ask whether or not the French President was dragging his feet during the royal parade held in his honour at the Buckingham Palace.

Crippled under the weight of the high number of French people crossing the channel to the promising city of London ! Not forgetting francophone Africans who are seduced by a city that respects them for their worth.

Although London represents a multicultural symphony, a rainbow megalopolis, a juke-box with a wide range of languages, a new language rather than that of Shakespear’s is being distinctly heard above the lot.

Be they employees at the City, barmen or waiters in pubs or fast foods, the Frenchies are positively present in their numbers. Three hundred thousand and counting !

French Londoners

Thousands of young french men and women bravely cross the channel to London each passing year in search of greener pastures. London is the city that opens its doors of opportunities to all and sundry willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile only a few minutes away, lies france, paralysed by a new form of migration. Paris, once a haven is being emptied of its sons and daughters seeking a better tan on the banks of the Thames river. A tanning effect of its own class. Better is a moonlight tan than waiting endlessly for the sun to rise.

Do not forget your country

He wore that smile reserved for big parties. Operation seduction. Sarkozy conjured all his charms to win the Grand Royal’s heart over in view of a great royal wedding. Or was this just gab from the Elysée resident ?

The super sales rep for France, Nicolas Sarkozy, was also there to tell French immigrants “not to forget their country”.

What in terms of sales argument could Paris possibly offer to these immigrants disappointed in the french system? Is France at all attractive ? Is Paris fair in equal opportunites for all ?

This might be the opportune time to talk about equal opportunities. Could the words Equality, Fraternity and Unity one day be translated into Equality, Opportunity and Diversity?

Equality – Opportunity – Diversity

Credit where credit is due. Gone are the bright days of French social justice. A great deal of these frustrated bunch held on until the very last minute in their quest for success as one by one the lifts of opportunity sped by without slowing down on the “Diveristy and Minority” floor.

Sigh after sigh one tends to choke on one’s own breath. But why asphyxiate when the air is much fresher next door?

Here, the grass is greener. From the toil of their brows do men eat their food. Digging has hardened the soft palms of the former pensioners of the french social assistance system. Aching muscles at the end of the day however, only help increase the savour of the Pound Sterling.

At the end of the day, Her Majesty the Queen counts her blessings one by one without caring to bother about the colour of the rainmaker.

In a fair and just manner, London continues dishing out equal opportunities to all and sundry irrespective of race or creed.

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