Nigerian Navy constructs its own ship

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The Nigerian Navy (NN) has started work on the country’s first locally-made warship, which is expected to be ready in September, the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Gnaiyu Adekeye, said.

The ship, whose construction started in December 2007, is being built by local engineers using local materials at the Naval Dockyard in the commercial city of Lagos.

Adekeye told journalists after an inspection of the construction work Thursday that the first, crucial stage of the construction had been successfully carried out as the engineers had been able to get the right shape for the ship.

He said the next crucial stage was the fitting of the engine, but said the naval authorities were having problems procuring the necessary engine for the ship.

“We contacted some people here in Nigeria but the price they are giving us is twice the price for the manufacturers, and if you go back to the manufacturers they will send you back to these people,” the CNS said.

Adekeye could not immediately give the total cost of constructing the ship, saying he would make it available when the ship is ready. Panapress.

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