Obama – Clinton deliver Dr. King speeches, McCain apologises

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John McCain
John McCain © Gage Skidmore

While Obama and Clinton were delivering their Dr. King remembrance day speeches, Mr. McCain was busy saying he was sorry for a mistake made in the past.

US republican presidential hopeful John McCain appeard before a gathering on Martin Luther King’s day to apologise for voting against a federal holiday in favour of Dr. King in 1983 during his first term in congress.

Mr. McCain who cast the controversial vote not to allow the Dr. King holiday was confronted by a young student who noted that although she had learnt beforehand that the gathering was not politically oriented it appeared obvious that it was.

Her question, “so what exactly is your purpose in being here?… i’d just like some clarification” was followed by a combination of words that was anything but a comprehensible answer from Mr. McCain.

Mr. McCain’s apology could be heard over both shouts of encouragements and boos from the public. So was this a political event or not? Would he have apologised if a high number of black votes were not at stake?

McCain’s apology on CNN (video removed)

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