Microsoft’s Open XML joins HTML, PDF and ODF formats

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Microsoft’s Office Open XML, the world leader in softwares, recently certified by ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) and the CEI (International Electrotechnic Organisation), has met the criteria required to join the HTML, PDF and ODF formats, so far recognised as the formats of ISO-CEI documents in open standard, a communiqué of Microsoft issued on Tuesday said.

Office Open XML, used in the fields of file and data management, data retrieval, inter-operability with enterprise systems per sector of activity, and the long- term conservation of documents, authorises organisations, clients and developers to present information coming from other applications and other systems, without having to convert them first.

“This result is a clear victory for clients, technology providers and governments wanting to be in a position to choose the format that best fits their requirements.” Emmanuel Onyeje, Director General of Microsoft West and Central Africa, said.

The communiqué recalls that it took 14 months of intensive revision, recommendations and opinions of technical experts, clients and 87 national organisations in the world, to improve the specification of Open XML, before the evaluation and certification of ISO and CEI. Panapress.

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