Can Condi Rice offset the Obama Clinton appeal ?

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Condoleezza Rice has been cited as the only person in US politics capable to offset Barack Obama’s appeal as the first black president of the US. Some analysts have also said that not only will she be able to offset Obama’s appeal but also claim a number of Hillary Clinton’s female votes.

It is in this vain that Dan Senor, a Republican strategist started rumours in a television interview last Sunday that “Condi Rice has been actively, actually in recent weeks, campaigning for this”, that is, a vice presidential position. Although Rice who has never held an elected office had told the press in February that elected office was not in her “genes”.

Her spokesman , Sean McCormack did not deny the rumours outrightly: “If she is, she’s the last one to know about it. I don’t know how many ways she can say no.”

McCain who is unlikely to choose a running mate too close to George Bush expressed surprise saying he had “missed those signals”. He however remained admirative of Rice.

Nancy Pelosi on the other hand reconfirmed her theory that an Obama-Clinton ticket is highly unlikely. She also indicated that even if the Democratic party thinks they would be an unbeatable pair, it is up to the winner of the primaries to chose whoever he or she is comfortable with. The decision she said is not the party’s to make.

Both Obama and McCain have not declared their running mates. Clinton though has sugggested Obama.

Some political analysts say it is too early to chose a running mate as the results of the Democratic primaries are not yet known.

Nancy Pelosi’s interview

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Condi Rice as VP ?

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