Youtube video of Florida teenage girls attacking another raises concern

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Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States

Florida, Eight teenagers were arrested on charges of battery and false imprisonement on a 16 year old teenager.

The teenagers had attacked thier victim to film and post it on youtube for international exposure.

The attack was carried out when the 16 year old was lured into one of the culprits’ grandmother’s home. The video shows the victim being hit several times in the head before her head was slammed into a wall knocking her unconcious, they then waited until she came to and beat her again knocking her out again.

The teenagers whose savage acts have sent shock waves across the US and have been charged with kidnapping, battery and witness tampering were allegedy happily joking about the ordeal they put their victim through while being held in the police cell, according to the Sherif who arrested them.

After setting bail at $30,000 for each of the culprits, the judge in charge of the case has restricted their access to the internet, myspace and youtube. They have also been warned not to go near their school or anywhere around the victim. It is also believed that they are being charged as adults.

Here an interview with the victim’s mother on the Glenn Beck Show with excerpts of the savage beating.

Video removed

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