Cases of women abused by their Husbands and disowned by their families are prevalent in the Algerian Society in which the male sex is thought superior mainly in Islamic circles.

Royal Wedding article from Al Jazeera’s wedding correspondent

The architecture of maternal death

Namibia: Baby-dumping rates soar among school girls

When a mother’s voice soothes a baby

Women equality and rights still a challenge in Africa

Miss Zimbabwe pageant, an uncomfortable political event

Human trafficking and sex slave rings on the rise in Southern Africa

Contraception after childbirth: Condoms, pills or contraceptive implants?

Empowering Women: Governments must "practice what they preach"

Gout - more fatal in women

Pregnancy, cigarettes and alcohol

Sex for grades in South Africa leads to death

Coffee: No harm to unborn babies?

Eloïne Barry, APO Executive Director

Fizzy soda drinks may cause gout in women

Uganda: Muslim women seek the use of condom

Menopause: recognizing the early signs

Egypt: From blogger to best-selling novelist

Ugandan women don’t want their breasts checked by police

Urinary infections: a vaccine on the horizon?

Feminism takes role in rebuilding Liberia

Breastfeeding: great for baby’s teeth

Honoring the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

Sudan: Authorities embarrased by woman’s brutal public whipping

Eating healthy for two during pregnancy

Zimbabwe’s unwanted groups on anti gender violence day

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