Gout – more fatal in women

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Often associated with overeating and the cause of extremely painful attacks, gout is also a dangerous condition. According to a Canadian study, it appears to increase the risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack) … particularly in women.

Caused by an excess of uric acid, gout is what is known as a metabolic disease.

Gout most often affects men of mature years but also a significant percentage of women: 6% of women over the age of 65 suffer from gout.

The condition is generally associated with obesity or overeating but can also be connected with certain diseases or taking particular medicines.

Gout attacks are caused by the crystallisation of uric acid inside the joints.

A North American study has shown that the risk of heart attack is 11% higher among men who suffer from gout and as much as 39% higher among women.

Medical treatment aside, it is essential to establish a healthy diet and lifestyle.

First of all, a drastic reduction in the consumption of all kinds of alcohol and sugary fizzy drinks is strongly recommended.

It is also important to avoid foods containing purines. This includes a large number of foodstuffs: offal, meat and particularly game, shellfish and certain vegetables such as asparagus and sorrel, for example.

Conversely, consumption of low-fat dairy products and water helps to eliminate uric acid.

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