Camera that sees through clothes to revolutionize fight against terror

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Technology has become indispensable in the battle against terror; prioritizing the need for up to date inventions to fight terrorists who resort to ingenious ploys to beat surveillance.

The new ThruVision T5000 has taken a considerably big step in surveillance technology. This new camera is made to detect objects concealed on a person, effectively “seeing” through clothes.

An earlier version of this technology, which has been in existence for some time now, had a very limited range. The ThruVision T5000 is, however, the first camera on sale that can indeed scan a large area.

The 25m range of ThruVision T5000 makes it ideal for large public spaces considered possible terrorist targets as people do not have to go through a small frame to be scanned, contrary to current metal detectors.

How the ThruVision T5000 works

The camera is based on Terahertz radiation, commonly called T Rays. T Ray is a very high frequency radiation, more than a hundred times higher than micro-wave. T Rays easily permeate fabric, paper, wood, plastic and smoke with the exception of metal or water.

This allows it to go through clothes people are wearing and detect any weapons or even narcotics carried by the person. T Rays, unlike X Rays present no health risks for human beings.

The camera is also equipped with a normal video surveillance camera to allow security personnel compare images to determine what objects people are concealing.

Privacy concerns

With this new technology the issue on privacy invasion obviously comes up. On their their official site, however, ThruVision insist that their new products “do not compromise personal dignity.” Thruvision T5000 is not supposed to show any anatomic details.

Even so, many feel that the increase of the number of surveillance cameras in public places around the world is disturbing and are against the “Big Brother” society this type of technology creates.

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