Algeria says Morocco must stop plundering Western sahara

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The president of the Algerian national people’s congress indicated during the international colloquium on self-determination held in Algiers on Sunday, that the Western Sahara conflict is still considered as the main object of tension between Morocco and Algeria.

By Kaci Racelma our North African correspondent

The president of the Algerian national people’s congress (NPC) Abdelaziz Ziari on Sunday reiterated Algeria’s position over the Western Sahara – Morocco stalemate, stating that Algeria supports the right of the Sahraouian people to self determination. This statement comes as Morocco calls for a normalisation of bilateral relations between the two neighbouring countries.

Algerian support for the Sahraouian people in their struggle to obtain self-determination is considered by the head of Algerian parliament as “humanitarian and legal”.

In his statement Ziari, who focused on the Algerian position in defending a just cause through its active participation for the realisation of peace and international security, pleaded for a free and fair referendum towards self-determination under the auspices of the United Nations.

The head of the Algerian parliament, in his quest to create awareness in the international community, also deplored the long suffering endured by the Sahraouian people whose rights he said “have been violated”.

Meanwhile, Boudjema Souilah, the National Council’s head of Foreign Affairs commission, has warned “countries that cooperate with Morocco to stop plundering natural resources from Western Sahara”.

Algeria continues to support the Sahraouian people’s fight for self-determination under the aegis of the security council of United Nations despite a statement last week by a UN special envoy indicating independence for Western Sahara is unattainable.

Analysts have raised concerns about the imminence of a possible renewal of hostilities in the region if Morocco continues refusing the Sahraouian people their right to self-determination.

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