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Indoor pollution worse than outdoor pollution
Shut away snugly inside our homes and our workplaces we may think we are safe from pollution … but we’d be wrong. In fact, air pollutant concentrations are higher inside than outside buildings. This is the conclusion of a report by a French senator on the risks and dangers presented by commonly used chemical substances.

Cleaning and health products, cosmetics, computers, incense, furniture … A whole host of products and everyday objects came under close scrutiny. And they stand accused of polluting our cosy little nests. And of damaging our health. This is what specialists refer to as sick building syndrome. In other words, buildings that can make us ill.

Yet for many the idea of indoor pollution is unknown. Pollution seems to belong outside, explains Isabelle Roussel of the Association for the Prevention of Atmospheric Pollution in France. And it’s difficult to imagine that a pleasantly scented product or incense could be a source of toxic emissions. And yet this is the case. Insulation may prevent outside particles from permeating our buildings but it also reduces indoor ventilation. Which is why it is necessary to aerate buildings regularly.

The report stresses the need for an insulation solution that does not mean confinement and also recalls the importance of research into the toxicity of the products used inside our buildings.

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