Arab ministers call for an end to Lebanese crisis

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Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs, on Sunday, launched an urgent appeal for an immediate end to raids and a cease-fire in Mount Lebanon.

By Kaci Racelma

The Arab foreign ministers who held a Lebanese crisis talks in Cairo Sunday, asserted that “In view of the danger of the situation in Lebanon, the council of ministers should launch an urgent appeal for an immediate end to violence in Mount Lebanon”.

“In view of recent information received on the increase in violence in Mount Lebanon and other regions, the council of ministers has sent an urgent appeal for an immediate end to raids and any form of violence,” said a communiqué read at a press conference following the talks.

The council also called for the withdrawal of armed militias from the conflict zones and advocated for the facilitation of the Lebanese army in order to stop the shedding of blood of innocent Lebanese people.

An implicit condemnation of Hezbollah, — the Lebanese Islamic movement accused for what is happening in the country, — has done little to change the continuing violence.

Syria, also accused of poking up the crisis was represented by its ambassador to the league in the absence of its foreign minister, Walid Moualem.

Appealing to the warring Lebanese factions for wisdom and moderation in the search for a solution, Algerian foreign affairs minister, Mourad Medelci, said “Algeria is following with anxiety and concern the gravity of the situation in Lebanon, which portends deterioration and a drift that could lead to adverse consequences”.

He also reiterated Algeria’s preoccupation and determination to put an end to the crisis.

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