Madonna’s lawyer announces date for permanent adoption ruling

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Alan Chinula, Madonna’s lawyer in Malawi, has confirmed that a ruling date will be set for next week for David Banda’s permanent adoption order by the Malawi High Court in Lilongwe, the country’s capital.

Chinula who expressed confidence in a positive outcome, despite arguments from the Malawi Human Rights Commission’s (MHRC) presented to the presiding judge, said that “The commission was not challenging the adoption” although their arguments suggested “some of the short-comings in our adoption laws”. This was confirmed by MHRC’s lawyer Grace Malera.

Mr. Chinula also said that according to the judge, Justice Andrew Nyirenda, the two guardian ad litum reports were favourable. In fact, after paying two visits to the home of Madonna and British film-maker husband Guy Ritchi, Simon Chisale, Malawi Chief Social Welfare Officer gave a positive report which described Madonna as a “perfect” mother.

David Banda’s biological father, Yohane Banda, placed him in an orphanage shortly after his biological mother died only a few days after giving birth to David. Madonna found a then frail and sickly David at the ‘Home of Hope Orphanage’ through ‘Raising Malawi’, the charity she founded for her Malawi cause.

She is currently funding six orphanages as well as her own outside the capital, Lilongwe, where some 4,000 children are getting some education and food.

Raising Malawi has also announced that the singer is funding a multi-million dollar academy for disadvantaged children to rival that run by American multi-millionaire talk-show host, Oprah Winfrey, in South Africa.

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